Waterboy By Power Back

Crank up the cooling anywhere with the Waterboy from Power Back Batteries. With the Waterboy, you get a misting system that can go anywhere: camping, tailgating, parties and, of course, road trips! It has a roll around cooler for up to 3 hours of uninterrupted misting, and it even includes a 20 -inch or 30 -inch fan and a 20 foot high pressure water house. In addition to all this you have a cooler to keep your drink cold while you enjoy your lower temperatures where ever you go.  

- 20 Inch 3 speed fan or 30 Inch fan
- 45 Quart Rubbermaid Roll Around Cooler
- 6 nozzle misting line
- 20 foot high pressure water line
- 70 PSI water pump with filtering



Waterboy needs 120 VAC for fan power and 12 VDC for Pump power.

Fan Consumption: 150 Watts

Pump Consumption: 48 Watts, 4 Amps


Proven to reduce outdoor temps by up to 25º Degrees

Our sealed diaphragm specialty pumps are Very Quiet

Pump connects to 12-volt Accessory type outlet from our power packs

Low ~4amp, 48watt power consumption,

3 Hours of cooling with our 45 Quart Rubbermaid Roll Around Cooler. The Waterboy fan can be upgraded to a larger cooler of your choice
Our Pressure sensing pump automatically builds 70psi+ pressure

Top Quality Brand mist lines and brass/stainless parts used

Tough diaphragm style pumps can run dry without damage

Add ~ICE~ to extend water use & add a HUGE ~Cooling~ Effect

Water misting is proven to repel mosquitoes and air born pests