Overtime you use our Carbon-Free Power packs, you help mother nature!

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With our Power Packs you can power your devices free of gas, noise, or smell. Just power

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Enjoy some fresh air, peace and quiet while powering comforts from home.

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Our Tailgator is a portable power source with no noise or fumes. We'll even customize it to your team!

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  • Mobile power whenever you need it and you don't have to deal with all of the hassles of a gas or kerosene generator? Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity and have been a satisfied customer ever since! Great work PB team!  -Ian Plumbley
  • Living in sunny Arizona  (sunny being an understatement) for the past 12 years, and being a soccer coach, I have tried to come up with many ways to stay cool. Not only for myself out there, but for all the kids I coach. Most were short term fixes, the wet jerseys, spray bottles, you name it we have probably tried it. Nothing gave us much relief from these wicked temperatures until this....Abel brought a unit out to one of our practices,  as soon as he turned it on, we all felt instant relief,  in fact I had to pull the kids away to finish practice.  It was at the moment I knew we had found something great. Gone were the days of soaking our jerseys, packing 5 spray bottles just to get through 1 game.My secret weapon....there it was, and I jumped on the chance to use this unit on game days. From warm ups, to half time and all the way to the final whistle we had an edge, my kids, parents and myself stayed cool and ready to take on the Arizona heat. In fact last season BOTH of my soccer teams went undefeated! I'm sure part of it was my amazing coaching, but most of it came from our waterboy! Thanks for this amazing invention and keeping us cool all season long! -Wendy Crivello
  • Whether football tailgating with my friends in 103 degree Phoenix weather, camping at the sand dunes of Glamis, or serving dental patients in remote areas, with my mobile dental unit, I don’t leave home without my portable Power Back Battery. Never have to worry about an electric outage again. If you have purchased your unit, what are you waiting for? -Susan Clark, RDH
  • It's the only way to tailgate. Summer tailgates in Arizona are a blast when you have power and cool mist. -Harry Kibbe
  • My name is Angelina and I have an autoimmune disease that has left me dependent on a wheel chair. At home I use a manual wheel chair but to be able to get around I depend on my power chair when I need to travel out of my home. It has been a little over a year since Power Back Batteries upgraded my batteries to Lithium batteries and now I don't know how I used to live with out them. When they gave me my power chair I was told not to try to go to far with it since I could only travel about three miles without charging it and that was always on the mind and I always had to carry my charger with me but even so I ran out of battery power many times. Running out of battery power is the worst thing in the world when you can't just get up and walk away. I would have to switch my power chair to manual and have someone help push me to where I could plug in my charger and wait for hours to just to able to make it back home. Since my upgrade I have been able to go up to 8 miles and recently have even gone as far as 10 miles without having to charge my batteries. Not only that but since the new lithium batteries are lighter they have increase my speed significantly. That is the fist thing I noticed and it has gotten my out of some very dangerous situations where I would not have been able to do with my old batteries. I forget how much faster I am able to go now but other people always comment on how they did not know power chairs could go so fast. I especially notice a difference when someone if walking next to me I have to switch to my lowest speed to be able to stay with them and not have them running to keep up with me. Needless to say I am very happy with my upgrade. It has given my a lot more freedom and the ability to do so much more with my power chair than I ever imagined. Thank you Power Back Batteries! -Angelina
  • Every since I upgraded the batteries for chair from Power Back they have been working great, not one bit of problem with them, even in this heat of over 100 degrees. -Dolores Cranmer
  • We have been using the Power Runner from everything from powering our RV, Fan’s at tailgate and sporting events to Bounce Houses for kids parties. We never have issues and the Power Runner unit never leaves us hanging. Great system and great service! -The Rubio Family
  • I coach several teams, 12u competitive baseball, 12u soccer and 8u soccer teams, playing in Arizona you deal with heat pretty much all year round. We have purchased the Power Runner, Pee Wee to run a water boy system. The impact to our players staying cool and fresh during tournaments has been such a benefit. We have even had debates that we are creating an unfair advantage from opponents. Can speak highly enough of the team at Power Back Batteries for all the support, customizing and sizing for all our needs. -Coach